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Volunteering with animals can be an especially rewarding experience for all animal lovers looking to volunteer their time towards a meaningful cause. This is the perfect opportunity for any animal lover to get up close and personal with their favorite animal while truly making a difference.

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FFAO Volunteers

As a volunteer-powered non-profit organization, Furever Friends would not exist without the hard work and dedication of our volunteers. The number of animals we can save depends on the number of people we have helping us. There are many ways you can volunteer with Furever Friends. Brushing cats, playing with cats, singing to cats, snuggling cats, and generally giving our cats the socialization and fun they need during their time at the rescue.

Currently we are in need of volunteers who are willing to clean litter boxes, sweep, brush shelves, and spot mop on Monday or Friday from 9:00 to noon. We prefer volunteers who can be consistent every week.

Some of our Volunteers and their work shown below!

For more information on volunteering contact Mary Beus:

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